• Storage

  • Standard storage

    We offer 3 different type of door sizes to ensure we meet your storage space needs:

    Steel Door
    House Type Door
    Size: 2.1 high / 2.2 wide
    Regular Garage Door
    Garage Type Door
    Size: 2.1 high / 2.2 wide
    Custom Made Doors
    We also offer Custom Sized Doors to accommodate your needs
  • What can you store?

    We offer over 30 different types of storage sizes to suit every storage need. We can store:

    • Quad bikes
    • Caravans
    • Speed boats
    • Ski boats
    • Cars
    • Luggage Trailers
    • SUV with Roof Rack
    • Campers for Touring Companies
    • And much, much more. Whatever your storage need, we can assist you


  • Features

    High level security

    • Guard on location 24/7
    • Security Beams
    • Very high walls topped with barbed wire
    • Manager on location 24/7

    Leasing options

    • Month to month
    • Long term

    Access to unit

    • 07:00am - 07:00pm
    • After hours on special arrangement


    • EFT
    • Swipe for Visa or Credit Card
    • Free monthly invoice email 
  • Storage Sizes

    We offer over 30 different storage sizes. You can use the below as a guide to the available range. 

    Small Storage Units
    3 sq. meters

    Medium Storage Units
    10 sq. meters

    Large Storage Units
    17.59 sq. meters

    Extra Large Storage Units
    32 sq. meters

    Our staff is fully trained to assess your storage needs. Should you be unsure of how much space you need, just give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

  • The extra mile

    We attended a self storage seminar in Las Vegas to get tips and ideas of how to improve your storage experience. 

  • Now that you can see what storage space we offer, please contact us!

    We offer over 30 different types of storage spaces to suit your every storage need.